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Get ready to unleash your competitive spirit in our Dodgeball Arena at Fun Max Adventure Park! Dodge, dip, dive, and throw your way to victory in an electrifying environment. With epic arenas, thrilling matches, and a high-energy atmosphere, our Dodgeball experience is the ultimate adrenaline rush for players of all ages. Gather your squad and book your Dodgeball adventure today!


Embark on a ninja warrior adventure at Fun Max! Our Ninja Course is a challenging and exhilarating obstacle course designed to test your strength, agility, and ninja skills. Swing, climb, and conquer each obstacle as you navigate through a series of challenges. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned ninja, our course offers an exciting and fulfilling experience for all.


Reach new heights at the Rock Wall at Fun Max Adventure Park! Scale the heights of our rock climbing wall, challenge yourself, and enjoy the thrill of a vertical ascent. With different difficulty levels, our rock wall is suitable for climbers of all skill levels. Conquer your fears and experience the joy of reaching the top in a safe and supervised environment.


Take a leap into a world of soft landings and epic jumps at our Foam Pits! Dive, flip, and soar with confidence into a sea of foam cubes. Perfect for practicing tricks, stunts, or simply enjoying a carefree jump, our Foam Pits provide a safe and exciting experience for thrill-seekers of all ages.


Let the little ones explore and play in our 3-Level Playground at Fun Max! Filled with tunnels, slides, and interactive elements, our playground is a haven for kids to unleash their boundless energy. Designed for safe and imaginative play, the 3-Level Playground ensures hours of joy and entertainment for children in a vibrant and supervised environment.


Bounce into a world of fun on our interconnected trampolines! Fun Max offers a trampoline experience like no other, featuring a variety of zones for different activities. Whether you’re practicing flips, playing trampoline basketball, or simply enjoying some freestyle bouncing, our trampolines guarantee an exhilarating and gravity-defying adventure.


Immerse yourself in a world of virtual wonders at Fun Max Adventure Park! Our Virtual Reality attraction offers a cutting-edge and mind-bending experience. Step into different realms, from thrilling adventures to immersive simulations. Get ready to be transported to new dimensions and embark on virtual escapades that will leave you amazed.


Shoot some hoops and showcase your skills on our Basketball courts! Whether you’re a seasoned baller or just looking for some friendly competition, our basketball area provides the perfect space to dribble, dunk, and score. Challenge your friends to a game or practice your slam dunks – the basketball courts at Fun Max are a slam dunk for sports enthusiasts!